Beginners Guide - Meet the Golf Course

Playing golf as a beginning has challenges of its own, aside from tackling the golf course. It is common for some to get frustrated trying to remember rules and regulations, and even golf terms can through you off course when you are not clear about their meanings. Before you get started playing a few rounds it helps to get familiar with a few factors that can make a difference on your playing experience. The following points can help give clarity on areas you can focus on in the meantime.

  1. Get to know golf clubs and which ones are most appropriate for your skill level. The right equipment can make a difference in how you play.
  2. Review options for golf lessons. Some may not have an interest but you can learn useful information to help you learn how to play and avoid common mistakes many new golfers make.
  3. Get an overview about basic shots to make on the course. This will be helpful as you make your rounds on the course. You will get a better idea how each hole is different and which shots to use for your approach.
  4. Review best posture and swing techniques. You may get a better idea when you learn about which shots to use on the course. Posture is important as it helps you to hit the ball correctly, follow through with your swing, and reduce the risk of injury.
  5. Learn proper golf etiquette. This is more than just having good manners. This helps in understanding protocol on the golf course and it may help reduce the risk of self-embarrassment.
  6. Get familiar with golf rules. You may have briefly reviewed a long list of information that may come off as a blur.
  7. You are not expected to know each rule, but it still helps to get to know a few to understand how to play better.
  8. Exercise regular to stay in shape and stretch before playing rounds. This helps muscles stay toned and for many, it improves their playing abilities. Learn about exercises recommended for golfers.
  9. Review golf attire. Meaning, understand what clothes are best to wear on the course. Many beginners have no idea what they should wear, others may have a few ideas but without proper attire you may be as comfortable.
  10. Consider planning outings make things more interesting. This can be anything from dinner to a charity event.