What You Need to Know About Golf Clubs

As technology has a bigger and bigger impact in the world of golf, it seems that there is endless information to learn regarding golf clubs. They are more complex and more advanced than ever before, and you could spend your whole life learning about club technology and still not understand all of it. So what are you to do? Should you just give up and not worry about it at all? Should you obsess over it and read every possible item you can find? Neither of those are a good solution - but something in the middle would be just about right.

To start with, get to know the basic elements of golf clubs and what makes them work the way that they do. Once you have the groundwork understood, you can move on to more complicated topics and ideas. Included in the basics of golf club design and construction includes -

  • Size of clubhead. Clubs with oversized heads are generally meant for beginning golfers because they offer more forgiveness and are easier to get in the air. Smaller club heads usually provide more control, but require a higher level of skill to use properly.
  • Shaft material. Generally speaking, there are two options here - graphite and steel. Graphite shafts are most-often seen in drivers and fairway metals, while steel shafts are more popular in irons. However, you can use either one in any club, and it is up to personal preference and playing style more than anything else.
  • Grip size. An often overlooked feature of the club is the size of the grip. Size, in this case, refers to diameter, so you will want to choose grips based on the size of your hands and the type of swing you like to make. Large grips are good for ‘quieting’ down your hands during the swing - helpful if you fight a hook. Smaller grips are easier to manipulate, and work well for those with small fingers who have trouble controlling the club otherwise.

Whatever you do, don’t get so obsessed with golf clubs and the technology that goes into them that you lose sight of just having fun playing the game. Golf is supposed to be fun and exciting, but some of that magic goes away when you start looking at it like a science experiment. Find some clubs that are right for you and that you are comfortable with, but don’t go crazy analyzing every last detail. In the end, it matters far more how you swing the club, than what club you are swinging.