The Best Method To Improve Your Iron Play Consistency

Useful Tips For A Great Iron Play

To excel in golf you need to have your fundamentals right. If you notice all the popular golfers, you will find that those with solid iron play are the ones who reach the top. Frequently players who do well with the short irons find it difficult to play the long irons or the middle irons. When the basics are not sound, such difficulties are common. To avoid this inconsistency with the irons, you need to know the elements of your swing that work with any iron. While you may have to make subtle modifications, the swing remains the same with all irons. Here is the best way to improve the consistency.

Step 1

The first and foremost step is to have a proper grip on your club. Most beginners do not do this right. They squeeze their club first and place their hands next eliminating the right grip. The right way is to grip along index finger’s second knuckle and at the point where the palm and little finger meet. Holding this way, you need to rotate your hand, so the index finger and thumb form a V shape between your shoulder and cheek.

Step 2

Now squeeze your grip such that your hands are firmly secured and not tensed. The grip should be comfortably strong, and neither too strong nor too weak. You can experiment with the grip to get the right comfort level. The right grip sequence should be remembered and adhered to at all times. If you keep changing the grip, it will be difficult to play a consistent iron game.

Step 3

Once you have mastered the grip, hit the golf ball with your left hand’s back facing towards the target. When you have the shaft angled towards target on impact, you can drive your club downward and through the full shot. Taking a divot afterwards is easy. This also ensures you give the needed power for a penetrating ball flight.

Step 4

On impact refrain from rolling your hands as this can make the clubface close letting the shaft tilt the other way. This makes it hard to have a solid hit on the ball.

When you grip, ensure that you choose the proper width. In case your fingers are skinny and long, it helps to have a thicker grip. For stubby and short fingers, skinny or regular grips help. Sometimes the distance between the rest of your grip and index finger helps to maintain the right pressure on the grip and rotate the hands properly without making the club slip too forward in your palms. Maintaining this distance helps to improve the overall swing.