Tee Times in Algarve: An Overview of the Quinta da Ria Course

Unlike its sister course, Quinta de Cima, the older Quinta da Ria course has an amazing seaside view that draws players from around the world to experience it firsthand. Quinta da Ria is also considered to be an easier course than Quinta de Cima, with wide open play areas and less trees. However, as you’ll see in coming paragraphs, water hazards play a large part in offering a different kind of challenge to this course.

Less trees than normal

One aspect that makes the Quinta da Ria course more enjoyable for some is the fact that there are less trees than you would normally find on most Portuguese golf courses. The trees that are there are of the olive variety, a tree that’s incredibly common in Algarve. However, while the trees on this seasoned course are few, they are tall; so landing up too close to one will play havoc on your score.

Water everywhere

There are long waterways that stretch over the entire course. In fact, most of the holes have water very close to the fairways, demanding extra care on those final few strokes. This is by far the most challenging aspect of this whole course. These water hazards are strategically placed to hinder your ball in unexpected places, so get your aim up to scratch.

The dreaded seventeenth hole

Speaking of water, anyone who’s played the Quinta da Ria course will remember that water plays a significant part in the seventeenth hole. You'll have to dodge water hazards twice on this hole, so be prepared if you want to keep your score low.

Know your irons

The best way to navigate this course properly without falling prey to its traps is to gain an intimate knowledge of your clubs. Each club has a strength and a weakness and being able to harness these to your advantage will put you ahead of your opponents.

Two other strong holes to watch out for

  • The 5th hole requires accuracy and a good driver to tee off properly. A lake stands between you and the tee off position so be prepared for the beginning of this par-3 challenge.
  • Polish up on your driving skills because the 10th hole is a par-4 that demands power and distance. In addition to its length, you’ll have a bunch of trees and a lake to work through, so good luck.