How To Get Maximum Distance From Your Irons: Golf Tutorial

Every golfer wants distance on their iron shots, and the following tips can help you add more to every iron stroke you make. Transforming—for example—your 6 iron into a 5 iron is one of the keys to getting better at course play, because distance does matter.

Technique trumps power

Many instructors will tell you that if you want power, you need to add more force to your shot. This is good advice, but it should be added that focusing too much on power may give you the opposite result you wish for. That’s because hitting the ball very hard can seriously compromise your technique. Accuracy and aim take a back seat and while you may get a great deal of distance, it might not go in the direction you wanted. Bear this in mind when attaining more power for your shot and rather implement more power into your existing technique.

Shaft angle

One of the ways to polish up on your distance is to work on your shaft angle during swing. This is something that must be done from the beginning of your stroke to the end. Tips on this would include:

  • Addressing the ball with the handle pushed slightly forward and the ball towards the left of the centre
  • Not trying to scoop the ball upwards with the club, but trusting the club to do its job
  • Making sure that your stroke is straight and doesn’t veer to the inside or the outside during the downswing.

Working on these techniques will enable your irons to achieve a higher average of distance on every shot.

Upper body rotation

The secret to adding power to your iron shots is not in the arms, but in the overall flexibility of your upper body. Shoulders, waist and wrists all work together to create a rolling movement. The momentum from this rolling movement generates a higher club speed and will give your ball excellent distance.

Foot work

Lifting the heel of your right foot (if you are a right hand player) during the upswing can put a lot more power behind your shot. As your weight is transferred from the right foot to the left, it’s almost as if all the weight converts into energy and travels through your club. This energy is then transferred from clubface to ball and the result is better distance while control is maintained.