Understanding the Mechanics of the Proper Golf Swing

There is a lot to learn when you start playing golf, but the mechanics of the swing are one thing that you should focus on right away. Putting the proper mechanics into your swing will make the process of improving your scores much easier in the long run. It is possible to hit some good shots with poor mechanics, but you will always be fighting inconsistency until you fine tune the technical aspects of your swing. Take the time as you are just getting started to learn good mechanics and you will be on the right path for long term success.

The points below are some of the key mechanics that need to be learned early in your golf experience –

  • It starts with the shoulders. The turning of your shoulders away from the target is the first motion in the golf swing – if you are starting with anything else, you are getting in trouble right away. A simple shoulder turn helps to put the club on the right plane and builds up potential power that can be unleashed later on in the swing. Focus on starting your swing with a shoulder turn instead of your arms or hands and your swing should improve immediately.

  • The downswing is about the lower body. Perhaps the most important single mechanic in the swing is that the lower body needs to lead the way in the downswing. As soon as the club reaches the top of the backswing, the lower body needs to start its movement toward the target to pull the club down into position and provide the power that will propel the club through the ball. If your lower body is stationary during the swing, you are missing out on potential power, and also are going to struggle to make clean contact consistently.

  • Balance is king. If you aren’t on balance during your swing, something is wrong that you should take the time to fix. Balance is vitally important to hitting good shots throughout a round of golf, so pay close attention to your balance on the driving range during your practice sessions. A common cause of poor balance is swinging too hard, and also sliding too much from side to side during the swing. Make sure you aren’t making either one of those mistakes, and you should be on your way to a better swing in short order.