5 Quick Golf Tips On Chipping From The Rough

The golf chip is practically one of the most important shots that you need to master if you are ever to succeed in playing golf at the highest level so far. There are so many players who have in the recent past come to learn a thing or two about chipping from the rough and it really did work well for them. There is no reason why the same tips should not work for you too. The following are some really simple tips that will help you master the chip perfectly:

  • Your stance
  • It is incredible how whenever you talk about the chip, some players start thinking of rocket science. It is amazing really. At times there is nothing more to improving your shop shot from the rough than making a good stance. You may already be doing everything else right other than the stance, so ensure that you take this into consideration. In most cases, it is the simple things that we take for granted that eventually come to cost us the game.

  • Your grip
  • Just as is the case with your stance, ensure that you keep a good grip on your club for you to deliver a good chip from the rough. Do not hold the club too tight nor too loose, for this is a specialty strike. While still on the grip, make sure that you maintain your focus even on the follow through so that you avoid simple mistakes like the wrist flip.

  • Focus on the alignment
  • Whichever course you are playing on, you need to focus on the club and make sure that the alignment is okay. At the same time, be sure to determine the line by following the development of the green.

  • Routines
  • You will have an easier time making the shot from the rough when you have perfected your routines. In the event that you are one of those players who have a routine such as the pre-shot routine, make sure that you perfect this. Perfecting your routine will be an incredible way to get your game a notch higher for you will be focused.

  • Understand your mistakes
  • You must take time to appreciate the mistakes that you make as you try to perfect your chip. In this way you will be able to learn from these mistakes and build on them for a good golf experience with your chip shots.