Pitching Fundamentals: Achieving Good Contact

Pitching doesn’t have to be all that hard when you’re on the golf course. You have to simply know what to expect when out on a course. Here are some tips you can use now to get the best possible contact on the ball when trying to get such a shot as this to work out right on the course.

  • How Long is the Swing?
  • Watch Your Distance
  • Focus More on the Pin
  • What About Wind?
  • What About Divots?

How Long is the Swing?

The swing that you choose should be adjusted in terms of how much distance you want to hit the ball. Keep the swing from going all the way back if you are going to aim for a shot of 100 yards or less. You don’t need that big of a windup to make a short shot.

The club you use should be controlled; you cannot afford to take a longer iron with you for a pitch shot. The key is to be closer to the ball while keeping a smaller swing running so you’ll focus more on making good contact with the ball.

Watch Your Distance

Your distance to the ball should be checked based on the club you use. A smaller club requires a shorter distance. Try and keep about a foot away from the ball so you’ll have a tighter swing and a little more control over how you want to aim the ball.

Focus More on the Pin

While aligning your club to the ball to make it right in the center of the club is always important, you need to think more about the pin. Keep your focus on the pin when swinging and find a way to aim the ball towards the pin to make the shot easier to handle.

What About Wind?

Windy conditions require you to keep the swing even shorter. Don’t spend too much time with going back in motion as the wind blows; this is regardless of the direction you are trying to hit the ball in.

What About Divots?

Divots are fine when getting a pitch shot but the best such shots are the ones where divots are not generated. You have to aim for a shot with a smaller amount of movement to give yourself an added sense of control over your shot. This in turn will make your shot more productive and more likely to get on the green.

Be careful when getting that pitch shot going anywhere on a course. You must use a pitch shot that is carefully organized and won’t be too hard for you to aim. When used right, it should not be too hard for you to make the shot work well.