5 Golf Tips To Keep In Mind When Facing A Shot Over Water

Some of the most intimidating golf shots are usually located close to the water. Most people choose to avoid such shots opting to carry over the ball. However, with the right preparation and mindset, you can be able to easily make shots over the lakes in the golf course making you a legend amongst your friends and fellow players. In this article we will look at some of the main tips to help you make successful shot over water without worrying about the risk of not making it through the entire distance.

Golf shots over water tend to be intimidating due to the fact that you are supposed to ensure you have enough power to last the entire distance. When making powerful shots, most people are usually concerned about making mishits that they forget to concentrate on the shot at hand. However the tips listed below will help you make the best shot and avoid getting your ball inside the water getting you further into trouble.

To make this shot you will need the right club, assume the correct setup and have the necessary mental strength to carry it through.

The Set-up

Your set-up is very important in making a powerful long distance shot over water. Most amateur golfers usually ignore the need for the right set-up and therefore end up making a bad shot.

The Ball Position

Another important part of your play in getting the ball over water is the ball position in relation to your set-up. Make sure that the ball is at the center of your stance, and most preferably slightly forward. You can look at the ball’s alignment with your shirt’s buttons and place it slightly forward to the left.


It is essential that everything involved in the swing moves in uniformity. Your arms and body should turn back before you apply any effort in moving your hands. This will help keep the club aligned with the target line. At the maximum position the club shaft should be parallel to the target line with the club pointing left.


On the down swing you will want to give the shot all the power you can afford. Make sure that you do not try to control the clubs alignment and just let it swing as hard as you can.

Follow Through

On the follow through, make sure that you keep your right foot on the ground for as long as you can. It should feel as if you are holding off club head release.