Golf Instructions on How to Achieve Consistent Accuracy

When you want to make good golf shots you need to work on your accuracy. There are a few elements that make up this element that you can practice on and off the course. This element is important as many seasoned golfers are known for having good game all year round at different games. When working on accuracy think about what elements make up your results. This includes spin, trajectory and distance control. Here are basic guidelines to help you understand how consistent accuracy can be achieved.

  • Work on improving how you address the ball. Pay attention to your body as you hold your iron and make an attempt to come into contact with your club. It helps to keep shoulders at the same level, unless you are using a driver. Here, your shoulders may be tilted slightly from your intended target. Make sure you are centered behind the ball.
  • How is your backswing coming along? When your backswing is solid you achieve good contact. When you are in your normal position to address the ball, you should feel a slight sensation as you go through the motion to hit the ball. The position of your wrists may also help improve end result. Making a wrist hinge can help reduce using too much motion when you make your swing and follow through.
  • Achieve good angling with your swing as you go into your backswing. Your spine angle should be consistent as you hit the ball. When you do so you come down on the ball with better accuracy. Beginners may do this but make the mistake of following through and rising up at the same time. Instead, this makes the ball go up into the air instead of making a good divot when coming in contact. If your club gets lifted ball contact will be poor. You can follow through with your swing but as you come down swing toward your finishing position. As this is done hold it briefly and you should arrive into your original position of address.
  • What happens when you make impact with the ball? How the shaft is positioned and your hands make a difference in the sound and overall impact when the club comes into contact with the ball. The shaft can lean forward with club head being led by your hands.