How to Hold Your Club When Carrying Out a Flop Shot

A precise flop shot needs careful attention of the golfer

A flop shot is also called a lob shot. It is a shorter pitch shot that is played with a wedge high in loft, to give maximum height to the ball in its trajectory. The aim is to send the ball steeply high in the air so that it lands steeply down on the ground without much rolling. This shot is usually played to overcome a hazard between the player and the flagstick.

A flop shot is a high-risk shot unless you execute it properly. You have to be very accurate while preparing for this shot. Follow the tips given below on how you should hold your club when carrying out a flop shot.

  1. Grip of the wedge
  2. Your grip on the club must be comfortable for your hands. You do not have to use two layers of tape on the cord grip just because you have seen professionals doing it. Find out your own comfort with the club handle and hold it accordingly. Be it midsize or standard; take the club which you can hold properly.

  3. Make your wrists stronger
  4. You should have stronger wrists to move the wedge with lots of strength. You can start some exercises if you feel that you do not have enough strength in your wrists. A grip-strengthener is a good option to get a good grip in your hands. Another simple exercise is to insert your hands into a bag of rice and twist the forearm repeatedly back and forth. It is a little difficult than it sounds.

  5. How to hit the flop shot?
  6. The first thing is to visualize where the ball has to go. You can practice the shot by tossing the ball with your hand first. Toss it nearest to the flag and ascertain the height and speed of the ball. You have to achieve the same height and speed when you hit the ball.

    The next step is to achieve a smooth rhythm with the club while you make a backswing. Practice the swing without hitting a ball, while holding the club firmly. After 2-3 swings, you will notice that you have achieved a consistent and smooth rhythm in the club movement. Your club should pass through the grass on a decently high flop.

    After you have practiced the rhythm, you should hit the flop shot quickly. The reckless movement is required because if you become too much conscious of hitting the flop shot, you might end up ruining it. Your ball might not reach the flagstick. Thus, hit the ball quickly.