A Few Hints for Playing Golf under Pressure

Golf under pressure is one of the most-exciting and most-challenging ways to experience the game. Whether you are playing in a friendly match with your buddies or a tournament at your club, pressure is a powerful force that can make seemingly easy shots suddenly much more challenging. The good thing about playing under pressure is that it will quickly expose your weaknesses and teach you about what you need to work on to improve.

While part of playing well under pressure comes down to experience, there are a few hints that you can benefit from as well. Use the following points next time you face a pressure situation on the golf course and see if you can perform at your best even when the pressure is on.

  • Slow down. Most golfer’s natural reaction to pressure is to play faster, so make an effort to slow yourself down and go through your normal routine before hitting a shot. You don’t want to play too slow and hold up play behind you, but make sure to take the proper amount of time to pick out your target.
  • Relax your grip. Another natural reaction is to start squeezing the grip of the club tighter when the pressure is one – especially when putting. Try relaxing your grip on the putting green before the round to get in a good rhythm and find the feel for rolling the ball nicely with a relaxed grip.
  • Don’t take too many risks. You are already nervous as it is, don’t make it worse by trying exceptionally difficult shots. Pick out conservative targets for your shots and try to execute good swings. As the round goes on and you start to get more comfortable with the pressure and with your swing, you might be ready to take on riskier shots when the time is right.
  • Don’t panic. 18 holes is a long time, so don’t panic if you get off to a bad start. In fact, sometimes a mistake within the first hole or two can help you to relax and just play your game without trying to be perfect. Stay patient and stick to your game plan even if the first few holes haven’t gone exactly as you hoped. You never know how a match or tournament is going to play out, so give it your full effort and focus until the whole round is complete.