Understanding Correct Golf Posture and Balance

One of the hardest things to teach beginning golfers is the importance of posture and balance during their swings. Most new golfers want to focus on the more ‘interesting’ parts of the swing such as the position of the club at the top of the backswing, or the plane they swing down on. However, with good posture and balance, the rest of those elements often take care of themselves. If you are able to nail down these two fundamentals of the golf swing, you just might be surprised at how quickly the rest of your swing comes together.

Athletic Stance Required

Just because golf isn’t as physically demanding as other sports doesn’t mean you can just stand with your legs straight and be hunched over at the waist before you swing. The posture you take before staring your swing is very important, and it should mimic the athletic stance seen in many other sports. Just like a guard in basketball or a shortstop in baseball, a golfer should stand with their knees flexed and back straight as they get ready to move. When the club starts back, you want your body to be in a good position to support the rotation that you are going to make. A poor posture won’t be able to support your swing, and you will likely fall quickly out of balance.

Balance During the Backswing

The backswing is the most likely time to lose your balance during the swing and have a poor shot be the result. While you are turning back away from the ball, you want to keep your weight centered between your two feet as much as possible. You might drift back toward your rear foot slightly, but resist this move as much as you can. When you reach the top of the backswing, your balance should be perfect so you can start down into the ball without worrying about keeping control of the swing.

If you want to be able to swing hard, and hit the ball far, you need to start with good balance. A swing with poor balance will never be able to maximize its power potential because it will always be fighting to stay under control – and will have trouble hitting the center of the club face as well. Focus on your balance, and your pre-swing posture, and the power in your golf swing is likely to improve over time.