A Few Facts to Keep in Mind Ordering a Golf Vacation in Europe

A golfing holiday can and should be a time of great relaxation and stress relief. But if not planned properly, your European golf vacation could end up being a series of events that cause more frustration than pleasure. Consider these four points to keep in mind and add them to your checklist before booking your European golf vacation.

What’s included in your package?

When dealing with your travel agent or booking consultant, an important question to ask is what aspects are included in a typical golf game. If you are used to certain luxuries during normal play, then make sure those same luxuries are available during your European golf vacation.

Consider the following as examples:

  • If you’re accustomed to playing with golf carts—especially for long games—find out if a golf cart is part of your package, or if it’s an extra cost.
  • A golf caddy isn’t always an assumed part of any golf package. Ask if you will have one or if you’ll have to cart your gear around yourself.
  • Your favourite golf club at home may have gotten you used to other features, so be sure to educate yourself on everything regarding your expectations before booking.

Club rules

Some golf clubs enforce stricter rules than others. It’s always safer to get a list of rules and general etiquette before making the trip. Dress code is one such example. You don’t want to be turned away from entering a golf course just because you aren’t dressed correctly.

Transportation needs

How far is your resort from the actual golf course? Will you have to hire a taxi to get there, or is it close enough to walk? Some resorts provide free transportation to their golf course because of the distance, but this is not a given; so make a point of finding out first.

How’s the weather?

European weather may surprise someone who hasn’t been there before. Some parts are incredibly humid while others are freezing cold during certain times of the year. It’s one thing to have a vacation somewhere and deal with the weather, but playing golf in unbearable conditions may spoil your holiday.

These four points will act as a general guide in making the right booking for your European golf vacation. The point is to be well educated before deciding on just any old destination. The better prepared you are, the more you will enjoy a relaxing series of golf games.