What You Should Know About Indoor Golf Practice

Is indoor golf practice as good as practicing outdoors? No, it isn’t. Is it totally worthless? No, it isn’t worthless either. The reality is that indoor golf practice has its time and place, but you have to know what to expect, and what you are going to be missing by not being outside. There is nothing wrong with practicing inside from time to time, especially if the weather outdoors makes a traditional practice session unrealistic. If there is an indoor practice facility near you, or you are able to put on in your garage, you can still get a good workout for your game.

Consider the following tips to make sure you are maximizing your time at the indoor range –

  • Focus on your swing. There isn’t much that you can see from the first few feet of a ball flight – but you can learn a lot about how your swing felt, and the contact you achieve. Focus on making clean contact with the ball each and every time. Also, this is a good chance to practice keeping your head down through the swing. Since you won’t be tempted to look up and see where the ball is going, make sure you keep your eyes down through impact and only look up once your body has rotated through impact.
  • Don’t hit all drivers. You shouldn’t hit all drivers on the regular practice range, and you shouldn’t do it inside either. There is far more to golf than just hitting long and straight drives, so make sure your whole bag gets a workout. You need to hit some drivers, or course, but keep the distribution even among all of the different clubs in your bag.
  • Maintain your tempo. It is easy when you are swinging indoors to just reach back and give it all you have – because you aren’t going to look up and see the ball soaring into the trees. Even when just hitting into a net, make sure you focus on keeping a good tempo and making balanced, controlled swings. The whole point of practicing indoors is so that your game will be more ready the next time you head outside. Trying to keep your practice sessions as realistic as possible, even when hitting inside, will make your time more valuable and leave you with a game that is better prepared to take on the golf course next time out.