Quick and Easy Golf Swing Tips for Beginners

When you are just getting started in golf, you don’t need complicated swing theory or fancy drills to get your swing moving in the right direction. All you really need are some simple tips to get started, so you can go out to practice knowing you are working on the right things. At the start, too much information will run the risk of overwhelming you and weighing down your mind with too many thoughts.

Following are a few basic golf tips that will help you as you just get started learning how to swing the club, and play the game.

  • There is no hurry. The ball isn’t going to move, so don’t feel like you are in a rush to hit it. Instead, let your swing build speed naturally from the start all the way through impact. Good tempo and a smooth rhythm will do wonders for the shots you are able to hit, so be patient and allow your swing to gradually accelerate into the ball.
  • Balance is king. If you focus on only one thing during your practice sessions, make it balance. When you can make balanced swings time after time, you will find it much easier to make solid contact and get the ball up into the air. Players who are off balance tend to be inconsistent and often struggle to straight shots.
  • Learn with the short clubs. Simply, your short clubs are going to be easier to hit than your long ones, especially at first. When you are just getting started, try hitting most of your practice shots with your wedges and other short irons so you can see some good results. After you gain confidence in these clubs, feel free to move on to the longer irons and woods.
  • Watch the ball. It might sound obvious, but make sure you are watching the ball all the way through impact. If you start to allow your eyes to move around during the swing, it will quickly become more difficult to make solid contact and get the maximum possible distance from your swing.
  • Use your legs. Many beginning golfers struggle because they don’t realize the important role that the lower body plays in the golf swing. Work on getting your legs active in the swing and make sure they are engaged throughout the backswing and on into the follow through.