How to Aim Properly when Making a Swing in Golf

More good golf shots are wasted due to poor aim than any other cause. When you hit a shot off line, you probably automatically assume your swing was the problem – but it actually could have been your aim instead. If you aim wrong, it won’t matter how good of a swing you make because the shot will be off-line regardless. Before you are going to be able to make real improvements in your game, you will need to learn how to aim accurately shot after shot.

The tips below are a good place to start when you want to work on learning how to get aimed up at your target prior to making a swing.

  • Pick a specific target. It might sound like an obvious point, but the first step toward proper aim is actually having a specific target in mind for your shot. When you just stand up to the ball and aim in the general direction of the hole, it will be difficult to get locked on to a target. Stand behind your ball before the shot and pick out a very specific target that you can aim at.
  • Aim the club, not your feet. A common mistake among amateur golfers is aiming their feet at the target, and not the club face. When you step into your shot, get the club face aimed at the target first, then take your stance based on the position of the club face. If you have been aiming incorrectly up until now, this might feel a little bit awkward at first. Try to trust that you are aimed correctly and go ahead and hit the shot – when you look up, there is a good chance the ball will be closer to your target line than usual. If you can practice this on the driving range first, it will help to make your more comfortable with the process.
  • Review after the shot. When you hit a shot that doesn’t go where you wanted it to, step back quickly and look once more at the target. Do you think the poor shot was a result of your swing, or your aim? Just by reviewing each shot quickly before you move on, you will be able to learn from your mistakes as the rounds add up. Pretty soon, you should be much better at aiming your shots than you were just a few rounds ago.