Perfecting your lag putting: a step-by-step tutorial

Lag putting is an action golfers use to help them get the ball as close to the hole as possible. This occurs when a long putt is required. In many cases golfers do not expect the ball to actually go into the hole, but it helps a whole lot when the ball lands close to it after being hit. The point behind this put is to make the second shot easier to make, or at least give yourself a more realistic shot at making a hole in one. So how does a golfer perfect their lag putt to see results?

What is the Distance and Line from the Ball?

You can create a line in your mind based on where the ball sits. This gives insight on where to start your putt. You can get an idea on how to control your long putts by counting steps to determine distance. You can study and look at the distance of the ball from the hole (or cup). But, visualizing a line from behind the ball can help you understand how the ball will travel once you make contact with your club.

Work On Making Your Second Putt a Cinch!

You can make the second put easier by visualizing a larger circle around your target (or cup). This can have a diameter roughly of three feet in size. When you hit the ball you can aim for this instead of the actual target. Once the ball enters this diameter, it will make it easier for you to hit your next shot. You may be able to make an easy two-short putt. Cutting down the distance in how you want to the ball to travel can help you focus a little easier on getting ball closer to the target.

Make Your Stroke Longer

Your putt is controlled by your backstroke. This means you need to consider putting more into making it last longer. Avoid hitting the ball too strongly. If you hit too hard the ball may roll past your target. You want to maintain your rhythm and keep movement smooth. Do the same thing you would as if you were doing shorter putts. Think about your forward motion as you go to make contact with the ball. This motion can be continued longer. The line you work to keep your ball on will help keep the head of the putter low.