A Few Tips Explaining How to Play Consistent Golf

Consistent golf is a goal that most golfers have on their list, but very few actually accomplish. It is difficult to play your best on a consistent basis, even for some of the top golfers in the world. Golf is a hard game, and many variables have to come together just right for you to play at the top of your ability. While you might not play your very best in every round, you can work on improving your consistency so that your average round is better than it has been before.

Use the tips that follow to understand what it is you need to do to add consistency into your golf game.

  • Pre-shot routine. Adding a pre-shout routine to your game is one of the first things you should do in search of consistency. A pre-shout routine is a series of preparations that you do before each shot you hit. By making sure that your preparations for each shot are exactly the same, you can get into a comfort zone and have a better chance of making good swings time after time. Pre-shot routines are also good for settling nerves and helping you to feel comfortable on the course.
  • Pre-round routine. It is also helpful to prepare for each round in the same manner to get yourself comfortable and relaxed. If you are a player who likes to hit a lot of range balls and roll a lot of putts before a round, make sure to arrive plenty early to do just that. You never want to feel rushed when you are heading to the first tee. If you prefer not to hit balls before the round and would rather just hit a few putts and start the round, you won’t need to arrive quite as early.
  • Each shot counts the same. As you work your way around the golf course, remember that each shot counts as one stroke – no matter how long or short the shot might be. When you focus on each shot being equal, it is easier to provide every shot with the attention that it deserves. When you start to take some of your shots for granted, your focus might suffer – and the results of your shots will likely suffer as well. Every shot on the golf course can be a tough one, so keep your focus from the first tee to the last green.