8 Things You Might Not Know About The Silves Golf Resort

Silves golf course is a magnificent course, surrounded by lots of really nice facilities and physical features. When you come to play on this course, it is not just about golf, but an entire package that includes the surrounding. It is for this reason that playing golf on some of these courses is considered to be golf tourism. The reason is that when you come here, it is not just the golf that will entertain and enthrall you, but there is more, so much more for you to discover and appreciate. The following are 8 of the important things that perhaps you might never have known about this course so far:

  • Awesome location
  • Pestana Golf & Resort
  • Tourist attraction
  • Course features
  • Inauguration 2006
  • Challenges
  • Spectacular views
  • Club facilities

Awesome location

One of the most important things that always keeps individuals attracted to courses like this one is the prime location. It is in such a position where you have access to all the facilities that you need in and around it.

Pestana Golf & Resort

This course is part of the wider Pestana Golf & Resort group, which is a true mark of quality. You can never go wrong with this group.

Tourist attraction

Silves Golf Resort is more than just a golf course, it also doubles up as one of the finest tourist attractions that you can come across in this part of the country so far. If special emphasis is the proximity towards the Monchique Mountain, which has been a feature of the Portuguese tourist circle for so many years.

Course features

You need to know your courses well before you go to play there. This course features in the 5,615 expanse of green cover, par 70 and 18 holes from where you can have fun.

Inauguration 2006

This will take you a bit down memory lane, but it will be worth it. This course was inaugurated in the year 2006.


There are challenges on this course right from the first hole, where you get a brush off with water hazards on either side of your flanks.

Spectacular views

You cannot doubt the spectacular views that you will find here. It is not only welcoming, but soothing and relaxing as well.

Club facilities

As is the case with many clubs of this stature, the facilities are to behold, top notch and you get a satisfaction guarantee.