How to Play Better Golf Easily

In the long-term, the best way to play better golf is to improve your technique, gain practice and playing experience, and challenge yourself against better competition. However, if you just want to see some quick improvements in your score that might start to show themselves in your very next round, you will have to get away from the physical side of the game and focus on the mental side.

Making better decisions, remaining focused, and thinking clearly for all 18 holes can actually do wonders for your scorecard without any changes to your mechanics at all. Use the following tips during your next round and see if you are able to walk away with a lower score than you are used to.

  • Avoid penalty shots at all costs. Taking penalty shots is one of the fastest ways to ruin an otherwise good round. Next time you play, make your club selection and target choices based on avoiding penalties at all costs. These decisions will need to be conservative and probably won’t result in hitting amazing shots, but they will keep you on track for a better score at the end of the day.
  • Relax. Too many golfers play the game uptight and nervous – and it costs them in the way of poor performance. Relax during your round, have fun, and expect for there to be some ups and downs. You probably won’t hit all of your shots perfectly, but you probably won’t hit them all badly either. Be ready to take the good with the bad, and understand that you don’t have to be perfect on the course in order to achieve a good score.
  • Practice putting before the round. Do you walk right by the practice putting green and head for the first tee to start your round? If so, you could be missing a great opportunity to lower your score simply by learning the speed and feel for the greens that day. It will only take a few minutes to hit some practice putts, and you time will be well spent.
  • Improve your focus. There is nothing wrong with chatting during your round of golf, but you need to focus when it comes time to hit a shot. As you approach your ball, stop the conversations and get serious about what shot you are going to hit, and how you are going to execute your swing. There is plenty of time for talking while walking up the fairway or riding in the cart.