Golf Faults And Fixes: Why You Keep Losing Distance On Your Shots

In the event that you are losing some distance on your shots, there definitely is something that you are doing wrong, or something that you do not know about your shots. There are a lot of beginner players who normally struggle with making the best shots. One of the biggest challenges for a lot of players at this level is the struggle to achieve some good distance on the strokes. There are so many instruction manuals that you can read, lots of videos that you can watch to help you improve on your faults.

It is not every other day that you will be able to get the best game on the green, but the one thing that you will surely come to realize is the fact that in the long run, if you are able to make an effort, nothing will be further from your realization of how much further you can go in this game.

For those who are still struggling to get some really good distance on the shots, the following are some brilliant ideas that you should look into. These are simple everyday tips that most beginner players in particular tend to take for granted.

  • Practice as much as you can
  • Focus on your stance
  • Get the right grip

Practice as much as you can

It is common knowledge at the moment that you will not be able to learn all this in a very short time. Bearing that in mind, you need to ensure that you take in as much practice as possible and you will have the best experience so far.

Focus on your stance

A good stance often goes a long way in as far as golf is concerned. While you are practicing for the distance, make sure that you also emphasize on how to address the ball appropriately in the run up to your strokes.

Get the right grip

So much has been said about grips in the past, so much more than you can imagine. With this in mind, it is important for you to ensure that you at least know which one will work for you. Different players have different grips to work with. Choose one that is appropriate for you, and your style of play, and you will not need to worry about distance anymore. At the same time, make sure that you choose the right irons for these shots.