8 Things To Know About The Carvoeiro Golf Course In Algarve

The Carvoeiro area in Algarve features a number of golf courses people enjoy all year round. The Carvoeiro Golf Course, known as Pestana Golf in Gramacho, provides quality service options and features individuals, groups and families can enjoy. The Golf course has various features on and offsite that make it a popular tourist attraction or top pick for a golf holiday getaway. Here are 8 things to consider about the golf course in Algarve.

  1. Fun and exciting attractions nearby. You can visit attractions with historical significance or have fun with outdoor activities such as water slides at the local water park. The location isn’t far from the beach and ocean areas.
  2. Quality dining options to enjoy throughout the day. There are restaurant options nearby to suit your tastes with a variety of ethnic dishes, desserts and drinks.
  3. Great amenities to help you enjoy your stay. You can enjoy luxury accommodations such as lounge, bar, onsite restaurant, pool, and room service. The onsite spa is perfect for relaxing after golf rounds and there are suites available with kitchenette.
  4. Family friendly activities and accommodations available. The golf course is the perfect option for families wanting to enjoy a golf holiday getaway. The accommodations include a number of children activities for kids of all ages.
  5. Reasonable green fees for club hire. A number of visitors have asked about green fees and what they include. You can research experiences of others who have visited as few mentioned fees are reasonable but they vary depending on length of stay and number of rounds.
  6. The summer months are considered the warmest time of year for the area. This has been known to encourage people to visit at different times of the year since it can get pretty hot in the summer. Spring and fall are peak seasons that enjoy plenty of visitors.
  7. There are membership options available and it is worth looking into. Some provide packaged green fee deals and discounts. Just note if you don’t have a green fee membership you could be paying more for rounds on the course.
  8. There are additional golf courses close by the area. Aside from being in good proximity of the airport, you can enjoy rounds at other quality courses to engage in more golf adventure.