Golf In Vilamoura: What To Know About The Laguna Course

The Laguna course features 18 holes with a beautiful attractive layout close by ocean waters. There are positive and negative reviews about the course that ultimately lead travelers to explore and experience the area on their own. Aside from affordable golf packages at quality choice hotels and resorts, there are a few things to keep in mind when planning your golf getaway at the Laguna course.

  • The Laguna course can be challenging during windy conditions. Previous visitors of the course say windy conditions add to the challenge partly due to the course design. A majority of the course is open and flat.
  • The course features a flat design with little trees and different water areas. The course is great for players that don’t like too many trees and a few bunkers help add a little adventure at a few holes.
  • The course sits close by the sea with few sand dunes. The Laguna course is one of few golf courses in Portugal with an ocean view. There are a few holes toward the back of the course that feature beautiful views of the ocean. Keep in mind this could make some holes more of a challenge when you have a sea breeze blowing toward you.
  • Many holes have long paths between them. There are a few holes in which you have the perfect opportunity to drive the ball down the fairway, but it helps to study the course map to get an idea of where each hole will be played.
  • Less trees means more sun and heat. A few players have mentioned while they enjoy the view they complained somewhat about the heat. This area of the Portugal can get pretty warm on sunny days during the summer. It is a good idea to make sure you pack proper gear to help you play on course such as sunscreen, a hat and lightweight clothing you can be comfortable playing in.
  • Great specials on green fees during summer months. The Laguna course offers a list of discount green fees players can enjoy during the summer. You can contact the course to learn more information and to find reduced rates during the time of your visit. Keep in mind you may be able to save more if you book early or schedule tee time in advance before arriving.