What You Can Expect from the Old Oceanico Course in Algarve

The Old Oceanico Golf Course has a unique history that adds to its beauty. The course provides a wide range of services and activities golfers and non-golfers will enjoy. The course features 19 holes at par 73. The course is often in demand by golfers as it is often in quality condition. The greens are bright and plush while fairways have minor steep slopes that are inviting and adventurous. Tourists and avid golfers have plenty to say about the course as many have shared great games while improving their skills. The following points offer basic insight on what you can expect from the Old Oceanico Golf Course.

Wide Area of Green with Plenty of Trees throughout the Fairway

The Old Oceanico is dubbed as difficult course with pine trees, minor steep slopes, and plenty of natural terrain. This can be a prime spot for avid players to really put their skills to the test on the fairway. One element that is striking about the course includes a wide fairway with plenty of plush greens and enough trees to make a couple of forests. This may seem a little intimidating if you are not used to playing with such features, but remember winds and view obstruction could be main problems to deal with on the fairway.

18 Holes with the Back 9 and the 4th Posing Additional Challenges

There are dog legs on the back 9 and water hazards on the 4 and pure parkland areas all around. Some holes have hidden challenges previous tourists found engaging. You can get tips from players who have played on the course prior to your visit and you can learn insight from the course on how to play these holes best. Even if you have yet to experience challenges at this level there is something for everyone to set a goal toward.

A Good Chance to Practice Bunker Shots

The Old Oceanico feature numerous sand bunkers throughout the course. Some bunkers feature steep slopes that could be more challenging when trying to get the ball out if it lands in one. This can be a great opportunity to practice your bunker players. You will want to take notice of where they are placed when you play your rounds throughout the course. Some players feel you can’t avoid them.