5 Keys To Hitting A Great Pot Bunker Shot

Those bunker shots that keep hitting the wall are embarrassing and game-ruining. It helps you know how to hit high bunker shots that shoot over a high embankment and back onto the fairway—or at the very least, the rough. Here are five techniques to perform when addressing a pot bunker shot. These will help you to perform the shot without repeated failure.

  1. Use a high loft club to achieve height
  2. A 60-degree lob wedge is probably the best club to use. If you know that pot bunkers will feature in the course you’re playing, then be sure to pack this club for insurance. The high loft will deliver a high shot—exactly what you need.

  3. Open your club face
  4. But a high loft club will only do you good if you open it up. Be sure to twist the club as open as possible and then take your grip. Once in the right position, make your grip nice and strong so as not to lose the position.

  5. How to stabilise yourself before the shot
  6. You want your body lower in relation to the ball than what it is with regular grass shots. The way to do this is to widen your feet slightly more than shoulder width. Then dig your feet into the sand so that you are about one or two inches lower.

  7. Don’t aim for the ball
  8. So why should your body be so low? Because the club face is aiming to hit the sand under the ball; not the ball itself. When you sweep your club under the ball, it should thrust the sand under the ball and push the ball upwards. An inch or two lower than your usual address will ensure that this happens.

  9. Place your weight forward
  10. About 70% of your weight should be placed on the left side and it should stay there during the shot. This is to that you transfer enough power to the ball to go forward. Up is good, but it must travel out too.

You’ll be sure to impress your opponents by carrying out this shot properly. The professionals know how to do it, and no so do you. Make sure you practice it a few times before using it in an actual game, just to make sure it’s in your arsenal of techniques.