5 Golf Drills That Will Take Your Pitching To A New Level

There are many aspects to pitching the ball and at some point you may see room for improvement in your own technique. The following five pitching aspects will serve as pointers that you can refer to in order to touch up where you’re lacking and take your pitching to a new level.

A square pitching wedge

The first and most important part of pitching that we simply cannot leave out is that you must use the right tools for the job. A square pitching wedge that’s implemented with the following pointers will greatly improve your pitching. If you’re using any other club, then these pointers may not work for you.

Body position

When you address the ball, your feet should be comfortably apart and your body turned slightly left of the target. Bend your legs and lean a little forward. This position is going to give you a lot more control over your pitching shot. Another bit of advice would be to start with more weight on your left foot than on the right, but this should naturally occur when you turn your body correctly.

Gripping techniques

Unlike most of your other golf drills, make sure you tend to your grip after you’ve positioned your body. This will require you to accurately gauge the correct distance between you and the ball. Once you’ve done this, push your grip forward slightly. Doing this combined with your stance that is turned slightly left of the target is going to lend you a decent amount of control.

Short swing

Because pitching is only done in cases where you are about 50 or fewer yards from the target, make sure you don’t perform a full swing. Aim for about 50% of your normal swing (depending on the distance) and get a feel for how far back you should pull your pitching wedge to attain the desired distance.

Where the clubface meets the ball

The ball is to be in the middle of your stance to ensure the correct club height when contact is made. In other words, if you’re too far back behind the ball, your clubface will meet the ball too high and your shot will lack height. If you are standing too far forward, a fat shot (and a fat divot) will most likely be the result.