5 Things To Know About The Vale Do Lobo Royal Golf Course

In the world of golf, there really aren’t a lot of places that can beat Portugal, especially the Algarve area. The weather is always nice and the golf courses are splendid over there. It would be nice for you to visit the Vale do Lobo Royal golf course, as it is certainly the best one in Algarve. Many people choose to visit that course and the resort there for their golf holidays. Here are five things that you should know about the course.

Excellent maintenance

It is famous for its near perfect maintenance of its golf course. The place has simply lush fairways and you can expect the ball to roll extremely true over there. Also, expect some bounces here and there, as it could either help you or a bad bounce could lead to a lost ball! Nonetheless, you would certainly be impressed with the maintenance at the Vale do Lobo.

Steep course

The course is known for its steepness and golfers should expect that the round would get rather tiring. You need high endurance to actually survive the walk! Apart from that, you still need the energy to play the shots! It is rather demanding, so it is certainly not suitable for all golfers. If you were really keen, it would be wise for you to start hitting the gym now and train your endurance!

Relatively simple

Want to score on a golf course? It would be the perfect spot for all golfers. You could be making tonnes of birdies here and all you have to do is take some risks. It is great for scoring and experienced golfers would love the birdie fest that the golf course offers.

Great landscape

You can certainly expect some great landscape around the course. The tall pines and lakes are famous and it is certainly a gem in Algarve. Golfers who love a scenic view should certainly visit this course and enjoy the lovely course. There aren’t really many courses that offer such a pretty view and along with a great design!

World-class design

There is a reason why golfers love the course and that is because the course design is simply excellent. Play the course and you would know what I mean!