Three Golf Shots You Need To Know To Improve Your Scores

The game of golf involves making a variety of shots before successfully completing all 18 holes. For this the golfer will need to make different shots including drives, putts, pitches and chips. It is essential that the golfer masters these shots to keep their score as low as possible throughout the entire game. Analysis shows that the short game, which includes pitches, putts and chips makes up for over half of the entire haul of shots. This means that by mastering your short game you get to have a better chance at lowering your score and also improving your overall game skills.

Below we will look at the three golf shots that make up the short game.


Pitches are short game golf shots that usually entail lifting the golf ball into the air and then getting it to stop as soon as it gets to the target. This means that they can be used to evade trouble and get over barriers. Pitching shots usually have a spin to the ball that allows the ball to stop immediately upon hitting the ground. With highly accurate pitches you can be ably to make putting easier by getting the ball as close to the hole as possible.


Chipping shots on the other hand entail the ball taking flight and then landing where it continues to move for a given distance. These shots are used to get the ball as close to the putting hole as possible. This makes putting easier and more comfortable.


Putts are among the simplest but most important shots in golf. Most trainers recommend that golfers train on putting shots before they start on any other part of their game as they provide the golfer with basic playing skills.

Putting gives the golfer a feel of the turf whether green or hardpan. This makes it possible to find the right balance when it comes to the power and technique required for shots made on different types of turf. These shots also introduce the golfer to uneven terrain and how it affects the movement of the ball. These basics are vital in the improvement of the overall technique of the golfer.

The above three shots make up for a large percentage of your score; practicing them is essential. Even professional golfers recognize this and usually spend most of their practice time on them.