Three Simple Golf Tricks to Help You Improve Your Course Management

If you are anything like most amateur golfers around the world, you probably don’t spend too much time thinking about course management. You probably figure that if you hit your shots as straight as possible that will be good enough. Unfortunately, golf is a little bit more complicated than that. In order to lower your scores and reach the goals that you have set for yourself on the course, you will need to understand the importance of course management and how it affects your score.

To get started improving your course management right away, consider the tips below –

  • Don’t reach for the driver every time. Unless you are playing a golf course that has extremely wide fairways and no trouble for you to worry about, you shouldn’t be hitting your driver off the tee of every par four and par five. Rather, you should get up on the tee and decide which of your clubs give you the best chance of positioning your ball properly for the next shot. Sometimes that will be the driver – other times, it will be a three wood or hybrid club. The only goal of a tee shot is to position the ball for the next shot, so use the club that will get that job done.
  • Pick out a few holes to be aggressive. Most golf courses include holes of varying difficulty to keep the round interesting from start to finish. Before starting your round, look over the scorecard and get an idea of the round that you have ahead of you. Which holes can you be aggressive on, and which do you need to play safe? Picking your spots when to hit your driver and go for a birdie, and when to lay back and just try to make a par is an important skill to develop.
  • Stay below the hole. If there is a ‘golden rule’ in golf, it is that you always need to keep the ball below the hole whenever possible. Below the hole means that you have an uphill shot toward the target, which is almost always going to be easier than playing downhill. If you can position your ball under the hole throughout the round, you will find that your chip shots and putts are much easier, and more of them will be successful on average. Take note of the slope of the ground before each shot, and try to position your ball so that your next shot is played up toward the hole.