The Secret To Hitting A Great Blast Bunker Shot

The last bunker shot is one of those shots that will help you get back on the green. Every player hates to land in the bunker when they are playing, but at times some of these things happen and there is not much that you can do about it. However, what matters most is what you do to get yourself out of this situation. We have seen in the past so many good players struggle with the bunker shots on their worst day, while some have a really easy time with them. Whichever the case, you need to learn what to do so that you can easily get yourself out of this problem when you land in the bunker.

The following are some useful ideas that will make your work easier when you are looking to get yourself out of the bunker:

  • Prepare your stance
  • Maintain your focus at all times
  • Attain a really good backswing

Prepare your stance

Every other time, players tend to struggle with some simple shots. In most cases we realize that most of these players actually struggle with these shots because they do not know how to set a good stance. Your stance will not only determine the power and effectiveness that you pack behind your shots, it will also determine whether or not you will manage to get that ball out of the bunker.

Try and keep a very good stance when you address the ball. This way you can get some good stability on the ground and before long you will realize that you will be hitting some really god shots out of the bunker.

Maintain your focus at all times

Whenever the ball lands in the bunker, it is almost obvious that you will be a bit frustrated. Of course you wanted the ball to land elsewhere on the green, as close as possible to the target, but this might not have been your lucky shot after all. When this happens, try to stay calm and do not vent out your frustration. Be easy and relax because by the end of it all, it’s all but a game.

Attain a really good backswing

The power of the backswing in golf is one of those things that you can never take for granted. As a result of this you need to make sure that you deliver a really good one by all means possible and you will hardly ever get to struggle with these shots.