What To Expect From The Boavista Golf Course In Algarve

The Boavista golf course is close to the Lagos area in Algarve. The course provides two sections of play for golfers to enjoy. There are bunkers and water hazards strategically placed throughout the course. The golf course also features beautiful scenic views with plenty of plush greens to enjoy. The Boavista is known as a family course with options for everyone including a playground for children. Here are a few things to expect when visiting the Boavista golf course.

A Course for Golfers of All Play Levels

The Boavista golf course offers great play opportunities for golfers of all levels. This is a great opportunity for beginners to play and test their skills. Advanced players can get in good practice to sharpen their skills. With a golf academy on site players can take time to develop and perfect their skills based on which holes they want to tackle on the course. Many visitors say they enjoyed playing on the course and had a few holes in the middle and toward the end mentioned as their favorites.

Most Holes Feature Wonderful Views of the Atlantic Ocean

Many golfers enjoy playing close by the water. The course has a great view of nature with plenty of plush fairway greens the eyes can see for miles. But, certain holes have a scenic treat with views of the ocean waters. Keep in mind some players have mentioned the ocean area has been known to bring in some windy conditions. Some holes are positioned in areas with wide open spaces. This is something to consider when determining your play strategy when teeing off in the middle of the course.

Relaxing and Fun Activities for the Whole Family

The Boavista golf course is a family-friendly option with plenty of activities the whole family can enjoy including a playground, fitness spa, indoor heated pool, Pro shop, golf academy, and more. You can find affordable accommodations through golf packages available. Contact the course to learn about possible discounts and deals available. Some golf packages may offer deals when you book early or when traveling with a certain number of people. The course is a great option for those who are traveling with people that may not have an interest to play golf. The course is close by other attractions and activities you can enjoy while venturing out sightseeing.