What Makes The Espiche Golf Course In Algarve Interesting?

The Espiche Golf Course is one of the latest golf courses to open in Algarve. The course features 18 holes 72 par with beautiful views of trees, landscapes and inviting fairways. The golf course has a unique element that includes environmentally-friendly (eco-friendly) technology. This means most of the course is in its natural state but being cared for in a way that won’t harm the environment. The location of the course is just outside of Lagos while being in close proximity to a few other course options. Here are a few interesting elements about Espiche Golf.

Parkland Golf Course with Plenty of Trees, Vineyards and Unique Landscape

The course is home to 18 holes surrounded by a number of vineyards, countryside scenery and lakes and streams. In the distance you can see several mountains. The fairway is open and inviting while featuring tight holes. Golfers that enjoy woodland background and really want to enjoy the great outdoors this is a great course to admire. Players will find the area calming and comfortable which will help with a number of holes.

The Fairway Greens Feature Special Treatment and Maintenance for Good Play Conditions

The grass is known to change color during the year. When seasons change the grass is green during warm seasons and changes to a brownish tone during cooler seasons. The summer time weather sees rich green shades throughout the fairways. Rain and temperature changes also play a role in their conditions. Even though the grass goes through changes it does not affect how golfers play. The course has a special green keeping procedure to ensure good healthy greens. There are a few fairways across the course that gives it a unique and distinguishing look.

Excellent Panoramic Views of the Golf Course and Surrounding Areas with Clubhouse

The Espiche Golf course features a modern design clubhouse with interesting features. Players can enjoy breathtaking views of the course from various angles. A full selection of services such as putting green and Pro Shop will help you feel right at home on the course. The clubhouse also features a bar and restaurant. There are various offers available online including discount green fees when you book early. Green fees are often cheaper during summer months such as June, July and August. Many travelers have been pleased with their visit and recommend the course to others.