Some Ways to Help Improve Your Pitching and Chipping

Pitching and chipping well can mean the difference between an average score and a good one. Golf is often not so much about the good shots that you hit as much as it is about recovering from the bad ones. When you can hit quality pitch and chip shots to get yourself out of a tough spot and back on track for a par, you can start to really see your scores come down.

The tips below relate to pitching and chipping you ball close to the hole. You need to have a smart approach to these shots, and have a good game plan before you ever start to swing the club. Once you are ready to hit the shot, remember your fundamentals and rely on your practice to give you confidence.

  • Picture a circle. You aren’t necessarily trying to make your chip or pitch right into the hole, but you are trying to get it close enough that you can make the next putt with ease. With that in mind, picture a circle around the hole that you are trying to get the ball to stop inside. While practicing, you can even use some tees to outline a circle around a target hole to help with the visualization. Then, when you are out on the course, remember what that image looked like and try to chip into the imaginary circle.
  • Keep your eye on the ball. The most important thing to get right on a chip or pitch shot is the distance, and that is all controlled by the quality of the contact that you make. To make solid contact shot after shot, keeping your eyes down through impact is crucial. Don’t get tempted to look up early and see where the ball is going – just keep your eyes down as the club swings through the ball. Once the ball is gone and well on its way, you can feel free to look up and see how you did.
  • Keep your hands moving. Many amateur golfers get nervous on these short shots and they let it affect their technique. Make sure to keep your hands moving through impact when you are hitting any kind of a chip or pitch – or you might not make the quality contact that you are looking for. Chip with confidence and keep your hands moving toward the target until the ball has left the club face.