Golf Instructions to Help You Select Proper Clubs for Every Shot

Picking the right club for a shot is just as important as making a good swing. After all, if you make a perfect swing and hit the ball right at your target, but the shot comes up 25 yards short or 25 yards long, what good did it do to make a perfect swing? Only when you are able to combine proper club selection with good execution will you be able to consistently achieve the results you are looking for. Picking the right club is a skill that takes time to develop, but the tips below can help speed up that process.

  • Pick the proper miss. Unfortunately, it just isn’t possible to pick the perfect club every single time – and for some shots, there won’t be a club in your bag that is the perfect choice. To account for some margin of error, the first thing you should do when picking a club is decide whether it is better to be long or short of the target. If there is water short of the green, for example, make sure you choose the longer club and give yourself some room for error. It would be great to hit the ball the perfect distance each time, but that isn’t going to happen – minimize the damage by picking the smart club that keeps you away from trouble.
  • Don’t use range yardages. A common mistake that amateur golfers make is thinking the yardages they achieve on the driving range will translate out onto the golf course. Golf balls that are designed for use on the range aren’t the same as the golf balls you use during a round, and they may be flight-limited to keep them from going too far off the range. The practice range is a great place to warm up and work on your technique, but don’t use it to learn anything about your distance.
  • Don’t swing all out on every shot. If you find that you are swinging as hard as you can on every single shot throughout the round, you need to make an adjustment to your club selection. Very rarely – if ever – should you be hitting a shot with maximum effort. Instead, you should be focused on balance and tempo to make solid contact with the ball. Pick a club that you believe can reach the green without being hit at 100% effort.