Golf Instructions: The 10 Commandments Of The Tee Shot

The most interesting thing about the 10 commandments of the tee shot is that from time to time you will come across different iterations, different rules that are brought about by different instructors. However, in order for you to get a good grip of the game and come to learn all you can in a short while, take heed of the following simple rules and you will not have much to worry about.

  1. Never lose hope
  2. It is important when you are playing that you never consider yourself doomed. It does not matter who you are playing against, staying positive will always help you improve on your game.

  3. Always be fearless
  4. The one thing that you must realize about fear is that it is very effective in paralyzing you into a state of inactivity. Do not fear failure, success or the unknown.

  5. Flexibility is key
  6. You need to play with a flexible mind. Things will always change, and you have to be prepared when this happens. Besides, things will not always go according to plan, so be ready to put your strongest point forward

  7. Be humorous
  8. By the end of the day, it is nothing more than a game. It might be adventurous, competitive, but never forget that you are playing to enjoy yourself, to have fun.

  9. Be honest with yourself
  10. You must never allow yourself to pretend about your real skills and abilities on the greens. Lying to yourself to feel better will only create a sense of self belief that is deluded.

  11. Integrity
  12. Integrity goes so far in as far as this game is concerned. You cannot come up with your own rules. You have to honor the game at all times. Should you decide to play in any other way apart from the obvious, make sure that you present this ahead of time for all to know.

  13. Have an open mind
  14. There is no need for you to ignore ideas, developments and any new concept that comes up. It helps to appreciate a new way of seeing things.

  15. Stick to the good ideas
  16. Just because some ideas worked so many years ago does not necessarily mean that they are now ineffective. There are times when a walk down memory lane might really come in handy.

  17. Learn, share and teach others
  18. In the true spirit of a golfer, make it your life’s mission to learn every other day, teach others whenever you can and share your experience

  19. Cooperation with other golfers
  20. Cooperation is always key. Do not ignore others, and whenever you can, take some time to help the younger generation find their way into the game.