Cheap Golf Vacations vs. Expensive: What’s the Difference?

As you start to look around for different golf vacation options, you are likely to find that there are many different price levels for you to consider. The difference in price from one facility to the next can be quite significant, so it will be up to you to set a budget for your own trip and then find the location that best fits that budget. The good news is that it is possible to have a great time and play some wonderful golf courses regardless of whether you are traveling with a small budget or a large one.

Following are a few of the differences you are likely to find between the cheaper and more expensive golf vacation options.

  • Attention to detail. At the higher-end golf resorts, you will notice that there is usually more attention paid to details that might not be noticed at some of the more affordable options. Things like towels in the carts or even bottles of water are likely to be available at a more-expensive resort course, where they might not be at a cheaper facility.
  • Exclusivity. Often, more expensive golf courses will accept fewer tee times per day so that the players on the course have more room around them to relax and enjoy the round. At a cheaper course, you will probably notice that the tee times are pushed together as tightly as possible in order to get the maximum number of players out onto the course at one time.
  • Amenities at the facility. At a cheaper golf course you might only be able to get some food from a basic snack bar or a small restaurant. Higher-end courses and resorts usually have a full restaurant, or even two right on site next to the golf course. This is a nice benefit if you are wanting to spend most of your time on the property of the resort and don’t want to have to drive around to find food each evening.
  • Conditions of the golf course. Serious golfers will notice the difference in course conditions between a high-end resort and a cheaper course. The greens might not roll as smooth, and the grass in the fairway and on the tees may be patchy. If you are serious about playing golf on well-conditioned courses with excellent turf, you will probably want to book a more expensive golf resort for your trip.